Using emojidex


emojidex is the world's first "emoji as a service" platform.

Along with standard UTF emoji, emojidex offers extended emoji and the ability for anyone to add their own emoji. All emoji on emojidex can be used on any web site or in any app that include the emojidex libraries.

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Extension and App

Using the emojidex apps and extensions you can use emojidex on any page or with any app!

Chrome Extension

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Creating emoji for emojidex

To get the best results when uploading an emoji to emojidex, we recommend the following settings:

FormatIdeal SizeAcceptable SizeSmallest SizeComments
SVG64px * 64pxAnyAny
  • Save with standard SVG 1.1 or above profiles.
  • Be sure to save files without using software specific extensions, such as AI "Appearances"
  • "Frame Animated" SVGs generated by Phantom SVG will be converted to proper animations.
PNG512px * 512px256px * 256px24px * 24px
  • Animated PNG is supported!
  • Transparent backgrounds are recommended.
GIF128px * 128px64px * 64px16px * 16px
  • GIF is never recommended over Animated PNG. Results will always be inferior to Animated PNG.
JPEG512px * 512px320px * 320px64px * 64px
  • While JPEG file sizes are smaller, they offer no advantage over PNG in the context of emoji.
  • JPEG "transparency" will likely not be converted properly.


  • All image dimensions should be square (the width should be equal to the height). Non-squared images will end up slightly stretched.
  • The larger recommended sizes for raster graphics formats such as PNG are for the best results after conversion. All emoji are converted to all sizes, and when an image is up-scaled during a size increase the larger image will be not be as clean as the original.
  • SVG is the ideal format to create an emoji. SVG will produce the best sized outputs and SVGs available from the emojidex service will be of a much smaller size with an SVG base than a raster graphics base.

If you're using Chrome you can enable all the emoji registered on on every site you browse with the emojidex Chrome extension.

Chrome Extension : emojidex

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emojidex - Chrome Web Store

This extension connects to the emojidex service and replaces emoji codes on the pages your're viewing with emoji icons. Along with all standard emoji all the emoji registered by you and other users (ALL emoji on are usable!

Install the extension
Enable emojidex emoji on every page!

Main Features

emoji Display

All standard UTF emoji and any emoji code wrapped in : [colons] will be replaced with emoji icons.
emojidex supports ALL Unicode emoji (included those not yet finalized) so all the "□" boxes you're seeing from emoji your browser doesn't display natively will be properly converted into graphical icons.
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emoji Auto Complete Entry

Text entry boxes and forms are detected on the page and emojidex auto-complete entry is enabled so you can easily find and input emoji on any web page.
Using auto-complete is simple! Just enter a colon ":" and start typing a term. The emojidex service will be searched for emoji codes containig that term and a list will be displayed. Select the emoji you want to input with the arrow keys and hit enter or click on it / tap it and that emoji code will be entered in the text box.
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*Firefox extension coming soon!