emojidex Pricing information

※All prices listed do not include taxes, fees, or exchange rates.
※All prices listed in Japanese Yen [JPY].
※Japanese Sales Tax (currently 8%) will be applied at the time of payment.

Free Membership


Simply by registering an account you get access to all the following features:

  • All basic features are unlocked in emojidex apps.
  • Register all the emoji you want.
  • Limited Favorites and History are saved to your account and synced between apps.
  • Unlimited edits for the first 15 minutes after you register an emoji.

Premium Membership

Monthly Membership¥300
Yearly Membership¥3000

Get a variety of features & benefits for a low monthly price:

  • Bonus features in all emojidex apps and on all emojidex services.
  • No advertisements in any emojidex service or app.
  • No edit timeouts - edit your emoji as much as you want whenever you want.
  • Unlimited Favorites and History are saved to your account and synced between apps.
  • Access to indexes of the Newest and most Popular emoji.
  • Advanced searching and sorting options.
  • Extra lock time added for free on all of your emoji.
  • Score bonuses on all your emoji.
  • Access to discounts and bonuses.
  • Gifts such as emojidex stickers, stationary, toys and more.

Copyright Flag

Price per emoji¥1000
The Copyright Flag marks an emoji to indicate it contains copyrighted content you wish to protect. By applying a Copyright Flag to one of your emoji, that emoji will be excluded from the list of emoji that can be used in commercial or promotional materials without a grant of license from [you] the copyright holder.
※ Applying a Copyright Flag to an emoji does not prevent users from utilizing said emoji through the emojidex service under the conditions of the emojidex Terms and Conditions.
※ Applying the Copyright Flag does not grant you the right to charge for any usage of an emoji registered on emojidex wherein that useage is compliant to the emojidex Terms of Service. This includes commercial or promotional usage of the emoji prior to the application of the Copyright Flag.
※ Enforcement and protection of copyright remains the responsibility of the copyright holder. emojidex will provide an official notice to assist in any legal action by the copyright holder detailing the date of application of Copyright Flag and a history of all versions of the emoji in question.