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Terms of Service for emojidex

Last Updated 2016/7/26

By using the emojidex website or services or any applications (including mobile applications) made available by K.K. GenSouSha, using software associated with emojidex or that utilizes facets of the emojidex service such libraries or the API or utilizes emojidex assets such as digital images (together, the “Service” or “emojidex”), you agree to be bounded by these Terms of Service.

If you do not agree to these Terms of Service do not register an account on emojidex and do not use the emojidex service or assets, or install or use emojidex related software or assets.

Basic Terms

  1. You retain your rights to content you submit to the emojidex Service. emojidex does not claim copyright on user submitted content. By submitting content you grant the emojidex Service and other users of emojidex a non-exclusive and royalty-free license to distribute, transmit, copy, reproduce, modify, adapt, display and use such content in any and all media allowed by emojidex and any distribution methods allowed by emojidex.
  2. The Service does not provide filtering or censorship of content. You acknowledge that you understand and agree to only use the Service if it is legal to do so according to the laws and regulations of the location where you use the Service.
  3. When registering or updating an emoji on emojidex you are making the legally binding assertion that you have the rights to the words or phrases in the emoji code and the images, characters, brands, items and designs used in that emoji. When registering or updating an emoji you acknowledge you are taking full responsibility for any rights issues that may arise. You agree to completely indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the emojidex Service, from any claim arising out of content that you submit and you will be financially liable for any damage or infringement.
  4. You understand that refunds for premium and/or paid services are provided at K.K. GenSouShas sole discretion. In the case that you desire a refund or feel you have been charged unfairly you will consult with K.K. GenSouSha before any other party.
  5. You are responsible for activity that occurs through your account. You agree to not sell, transfer, license or assign your account or associated emoji to any other individual or business.
  6. With the exception of those who create accounts on behalf of businesses, services or groups; you agree you will not create an account for anyone other than yourself. You also represent that all information you provide for any account under your control is accurate, current and complete and you agree to update this information as necessary to maintain its accuracy.
  7. You are responsible for keeping your login credentials such as username, password and external service authentication keys secret and secure.
  8. You will not solicit or utilize the login credentials of others and you will not utilize login credentials other than your own to gain access to or use the Service.
  9. You may not charge for services on or using emojidex unless specific written permission is granted from K.K. GenSouSha This does not include services that utilize emojidex libraries, the emojidex API, or bundle an emojidex client and comply with the licenses for those libraries, the API, or the client.
  10. You may not imply that you are the representative of any emojidex Service.
  11. You will not interfere with or attempt to disable or disrupt the emojidex Service.
  12. You will not create or use a script or device to automatically register emoji unless specific written permission is granted by K.K. GenSouSha.
  13. You will not create or use a script or device to automatically register user accounts for the Service.
  14. You will not claim ownership or rights of any emoji registered by another user unless you have legally and publicly verifiable proof of the right to that emoji (such as copyright or trademark). If you can produce proof of rights and would like to claim ownership or submit a takedown request you agree to do so through emojidex support and not through any legal process of any country without first receiving a release from emojidex.
  15. You understand that other users of the Service will be able to use emoji you register freely and at their discretion in any online or digital service or on any non-commercial  and non-mass-distributed printed material they choose.
  16. You will respect the copyright on emoji submitted by other users of the Service and will not produce commercial material featuring those emoji without the express permission and license of both the copyright holder and either K.K. GenSouSha or a contractual partner of K.K. GenSouSha with the right to grant sub-licenses for the utilized media and distribution methods.
  17. You accept that K.K. GenSouSha may, at any time and for any reason; remove emoji from the emojidex Service or reclaim or reassign emoji codes. In the case emoji were removed due to license or copyright infringement, fees paid on the emoji will be refunded at K.K. GenSouSha’s sole discretion.
  18. You hereby grant emojidex, K.K. GenSouSha and contractual partners of K.K. GenSouSha the license and rights to use emoji you submit to the Service in commercial material and products, both virtual and physical.
  19. When you register or update an emoji on the emojidex Service which contains logos, original characters, product images or other content to which you own the copyright and wish to license out commercial or mass-production rights on; you will register or update said emoji with the “Copyright” flag. If you register or update an emoji without the “Copyright” flag you grant K.K. GenSouSha the exclusive right to license that emoji for commercial and mass-distributed content.
  20. You accept that by registering or updating emoji on the emojidex Service without the “Copyright” flag you are granting the exclusive right to license to K.K. GenSouShaand partners and you will not grant licenses for commercial material or mass-production on said emoji to any other party, nor will you personally produce commercial goods utilizing that emoji without first notifying and receiving a contract or written permission from K.K. GenSouSha or its partners.
  21. You will not issue a license for commercial production or mass-distribution of any emojidex asset on the emojidex Service unless you are the copyright holder and have registered that content with the “Copyright” flag.
  22. You acknowledge that by registering content on the emojidex Service, reguardless of “Copyright” flag, you are granting K.K. GenSouSha and partners the rights to use your emoji on commercial and non-commercial, physical and virtual material unconditionally and without fees or limitations. To register content on emojidex with specific conditions, fees imposed or limits applied you must obtain a contract from K.K. GenSouSha with said conditions, fees and limitations defined.
  23. You acknowledge that any change to emoji content, form, rights, or permissions does not revoke rights previously granted for the use by the emojidex Service, users of the emojidex Service, and
    K.K. GenSouSha and partners; and the change in content or status will only affect the use of the emoji content after the change. You may not claim any damages nor levy any fee against any party for the use of emoji content so long as the use was permissible at the time.
  24. You will not cache or save any asset acquired from emojidex and bundle them in any virtual or physical product without express permission and retention of copyright information.
  25. If you are found by K.K. GenSouShato be in violation of these Terms of Service your account could be terminated and you may be held financially responsible for any damages caused against
    K.K. GenSouSha, emojidex, or any other party using or associated with emojidex.
  26. Use of the emojidex Service indicates you understand and agree to all of the above Terms of Service.